The combination of CaboCubajazz' top-notch musicians results in a completely new sound. In an Inimitable way, the group blends the melancholy of the morna [Cape Verdean blues], the joyful dance of the [also Cape Verdean] coladera with a generous portion of sweeping Cuban rumba, salsa and jazz. The result: 100% CaboCubaJazz. Both the listener and the dancer are taken on a journey where desire, passion, subtlety and musical fire alternate. Their debut album Rikeza y Valor [2011] has received enthusiastic response worldwide. After a successful release -tour as a quintet along Dutch theaters and clubs, the 2012 tour includes performances in Cape Verde, Germany and Norway.The band is extended to an octet format on special request. Regarding the CD, De Volkskrant wrote : "[...] nice contrasts between sweetness and fire, and between swaying and punching rhythms. [...] A strong groovy blend of exciting call and response singing, sensual melodies and soothing harmonies, brightened by strong arrangements and improvisations for and by the hornplayers. "

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